David Cunningham Associates Building Surveys

For your peace of mind and ease of budget our Building Surveys tell you what you need to know about the condition of a property – before you go ahead and occupy it.

Building Surveys

Purchasing a property or taking up a lease is an expensive business and one that can have a detrimental effect on your finances should a problem arise with the property after you have completed. It makes sense to have a building surveyed prior to occupation to determine whether it is free from defect. We can inspect and report on commercial, industrial and residential properties throughout the UK.

The Building Survey (formerly known as structural Survey) is a detailed report on the property based on a thorough inspection of the construction and visual inspection of the services. The report will identify the overall condition of the property given its age and construction and will identify all significant defects with a budget cost for remedial works.  We specialise in historic and listed buildings.

The Surveyor will recommend further investigations of a specialist nature, i.e. testing of services or investigation of a specific structural defect etc where these are considered necessary. The Surveyor will consider the requirements of the current Building Regulations, Fire Precautions and other related Legislation. The report sets out to identify the condition of the property, and any significant defects together with budget cost and this assists in the decision making process as to whether or not to proceed with the purchase of any given property or the signing of a lease.

Our Chartered Building Surveyors have in excess of 40 years experience in surveying buildings. 

We operate to a high level of client care, and our Building Surveyors are available for questions and queries both before the survey is carried out and for a de-briefing after the report has been received and digested by the client.

Our reports are clear, concise and easy to understand but thorough and comprehensive. The report is usually available within 14 days but can be turned around much quicker if needed subject, of course, to access to the property being available.

Hopefully we will not find a problem but if we do, we offer practical advice as to the remedies available.

Our Chartered Building Engineers also carry out Specific and General Structural Inspections for lending institutions, private purchasers and property owners on both traditional and non-traditional building types.

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